With a Little Help from My “Friends”


Author: Tiffany B.

I recently had the incredible opportunity of reviewing one of the newest collection of vases transformed into smoking apparatuses created by My Bud Vase… an amazing company overflowing with creativity founded by Doreen Sullivan. This is Doreen’s second company following the massive success of her now 30 year old creative consulting, branding, marketing and advertising agency titled Post No Bills. Doreen is not only a celebrated and renowned public figure known for her creative vision in every project she encounters, she has also worked with some of the biggest names and Fortune 500 companies around the world. Before establishing My Bud Vase, Doreen was already the beneficiary of 37 various awards, involved in the promotion of five Super Bowls, the U.S. Olympic committee, and had worked intimately with numerous television and film productions including ESPN, Paramount, DreamWorks, and even Disney.

Doreen has recently created a unique collection of vases called “Friends”, (inspired by the 90’s smash hit TV show) which includes three different six inch high vases titled Monica, Phoebe, and Rachel for only $74.95 each. Every porcelain vase is packaged in Styrofoam and held in place with bubble wrap in a box for additional security against breakage during shipping. Although each bong is of the same shape, they are individualized by color, including unique relief porcelain flowers on the back of the vase to accent the piece brilliantly. These eye-catching creations are completed by a silky white ribbon wrapped around the neck of the vase, with a shining gold My Bud Vase logo card hanging from the bow. The finishing touch to these spectacular vases is the fact that each one comes with charming pastel pink and yellow hydrangea silk flowers. This simple, yet incredibly unique touch provides a new approach to how consumers display their smoking devices.

My Bud Vase - Monica


Monica, which is white, is adorned with delicate pink porcelain flowers. Beautiful soft pink hydrangea silk flowers with mini rhinestones can be inserted into the neck of the bong highlighting any room’s décor.


My Bud Vase- Phoebe


Phoebe is a chartreuse porcelain vase with white relief flowers. The pastel hydrangea silk flowers are also adorned with mini rhinestones, which provide just the right amount of sparkle.


My Bud Vase- Rachel


Rachel is a blush pink porcelain vase with white relief flowers. The delicate looking hydrangea flowers, also complimented by mini rhinestones, make this a beautiful, as well as a functional addition to any room.


What makes My Bud Vase and their creations truly exceptional is the ability to have your striking bong proudly displayed for what it is … or camouflaged as a delicate new vase. This camouflaging ability is all thanks to the silk flowers that accompany each piece, which also double as inconspicuous pokers for the bowl etc. When ready to use simply remove the flowers and you are good to go! Flower poker

Each creation is crafted with the highest level of integrity and meticulousness. I immediately noticed the quality and thickness of the porcelain used to create these marvelous pieces. Although these vases may appear to be easily breakable, the superior construction provides a feeling of security when ready to be used. The alluring and elegant relief flowers attached to the back of each vase are not only visually appealing, but incredibly secure and attached with precision in the most picturesque bouquet. Friends collection back flowers

The Friends pieces may be of the smaller variety, but they pack a powerful punch when it comes to their performance! I loved how smooth and clean these pieces felt as I used them. The internal construction of these gorgeous pieces provides a no fuss and easy to use delivery system that will appeal to both new and experienced users alike. I definitely wouldn’t miss out on your chance to own a one of a kind piece from My Bud Vase if I were you. The old saying “big things come in small packages” is especially true in this case, and I can’t think of a more perfect gift for your special someone or some great ‘friends’.

My Bud Vase - Modeling Phoebe 2

Me with Phoebe

You can see even more My Bud Vase masterpieces available on their website https://mybudvase.com/ . Or even better, you can have a truly one of a kind piece designed for you! Please remember to tell Doreen that Tiffany B., (@Saffie07), referred you and that way we both win! Don’t forget to subscribe and stay tuned as I will be reviewing more of these breathtaking creations.


Author: Tiffany B.

* I have received these products from this sponsor in order to facilitate in my review. All opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% my own personal opinions and not those of any sponsor or company!*



HigherVeda Medicinal Treats (Formerly Known as Swerve Confections)


Unlike the majority of homemade edibles, (or even many of the varieties available to purchase at dispensaries), HigherVeda Medicinal Treats made a conscience decision to revolutionize the way we consume cannabis. This is one of the major reasons I became so intrigued by this company and the way they create their healthy and potent edibles. Instead of filling their edibles with massive amounts of sugar in an attempt to try and improve the overall taste, or to simply mask the cannabis flavor, this innovate company took a step back and realized there is a much healthier and more beneficial way to make cannabis work for a wide array of consumers. As their website states:

“HigherVeda is inspired to accentuate the proven healing properties of Cannabis through formulations based in the ancient principles of Ayurveda to provide wholesome effect-based products for consumers who prioritize balance and quality.”[i]

What distinguishes HigherVeda from other companies on the market is not only do they use cold-water hash, but the fact that they integrated a 3,000 year-old Ayurvedic herbal healing technique into the creation of their edibles. Tracing back to India, Ayurveda treatments are far more of a “whole-body healing” than Western medicine, and believe there must be balance and harmony between the mind, body, and spirit.[ii] Even more appealing is that each of the three edible varieties this company has created are filled with natural antioxidants, healing herbs, spices, and supplements that not only support a healthy body, but facilitate in calming the mind and creating a sense of tranquility within your spirit as well.

“Snuggle Bites”    Snuggle Bites

“Snuggle Bites reflects common knowledge and ancient wisdom that cannabis is a healthy sexual enhancer. We have included herbs that are used as ‘aphrodisiacs’ in Indian medicine. They don’t just increase libido but strengthen the body for greater fulfillment for both men and women. Medicators report that Snuggle Bites increases passion! Snuggle Bites is perfect for people who medicate to experience life more fully. Useful to remedy: hormonal imbalances, fatigue, PMS, and many sexual disorders.”[iii]

 Ingredients: Coconut: Flakes, Flour, Sugar & Oil (medicated with hybrid organic cold water hash), Sunflower Seeds, CA Raw Honey, Agave Syrup, Hemp Seeds, Milk Powder, Cacao Nibs, Pecans, Shankha Pushpi (often called “Brain tonic or boost”)[iv], Kapikkachu (reduces stress and anxiety, calms nerves, and reduces inflammation)[v], Maca (improves energy, endurance, and memory support), Vidari Kanda (good aphrodisiac properties, memory enhancer, known as “Grandmother of Indian Ginseng)[vi], Beet Powder, Vanilla, Guar Gum, Orange, Ashwaghanda (“Indian Ginseng”, increases sexual desire, helps calm the brain, reduce inflammation, lower blood pressure, and increases the immune system)[vii], Ginger, Rose Petals, Peruvian Pink Pepper, food-grade Rose Geranium & Rosewood Essential Oil. Garnish: Orange Peel.

Snuggle bites ingredients

Results: I decided to use the “Snuggle Bites” for relief from fatigue and to see if it actually would help with PMS symptoms. I’m happy to say it was surprisingly advantageous in both of these applications. While researching what each of these specific Ayurvedic herbs were used for and what each herb helps promote, I discovered the majority had anti-inflammatory properties in them. Many of these herbs also helped provide energy, reduce my anxiety and nerves too. I also noticed a significant reduction in cramps and irritability as well.



Taste Results:

The first thing I tasted when I bit into the “Snuggle Bites” was a moderately strong orange tanginess and a pleasant ginger aftertaste. In this variety I was actually able to detect the high quality of hybrid cold water hash used. Even though I was able to taste the hash in this variety, it wasn’t an unpleasant or unwelcome flavor at all. In my opinion, being able to taste the hash used added an additional feature that was incredibly enjoyable. The crunch from not only the pecans, but the hemp seeds and sunflower seeds gave this bar a fantastic mouth feel. It wasn’t too sweet and not too floral either. Overall I loved the taste of the “Snuggle Bites” and would highly recommend them to any patient looking for an effective, healthy, yet delicious edible.


“Buzz Bar”   Buzz Bar

Buzz Bar combines 200 mgs THC from Sativa-hybrid cold-water hash with Cacao[viii] (purest raw form of chocolate, filled with antioxidants and promotes intelligence and memory), Coconut (nourishment and strength building), Bramhi (Ayurvedic herb which supports mental clarity, anxiety, and cool-headedness)[ix], and Maca[x] (improves energy, endurance, and memory support) for a long lasting, focused energy that is perfect for working or working out! Useful when medicating is used for ADD, ADHD, anxiety, depression, and disorders where increased physical activity is required.


Ingredients: Coconut: flakes, sugar & Oil  (medicated with cold water hash), Agave Syrup, Cacao Powder, Date paste, Cacao Nibs, Maca Powder, Bramhi[xi], Guar Gum, Psyllium Husks[xii], Vanilla, Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cayenne, and Pink Himalayan Salt. Garnish: Goji Berry.  Buzz ingredients.jpg


Results: After trying the “Buzz Bar” I experienced significantly less anxiety and had a noticeable improvement in my overall mood. Even my coping mechanisms for dealing with stress seemed to be more balanced and allowed me to go on with my day feeling more even-keeled and composed. I was surprised to experience such an observable reduction in my chronic fatigue syndrome, as well as progress with my other chronic pain disorders. The quickest enhancements to arise after eating the “Buzz Bar” had to be the expansion to my memory and the rate of retention and concentration. I felt like I not only absorbed more information that I read, but also had a considerably longer attention span than normal.

Taste Results:   Buzz

The coconut was the most noticeable to me when I took my first bite. I next detected the Date flavor with sweetness from Agave Syrup and Cacao. It had a very mild spice from the Cinnamon, Cardamom, Cayenne, and most likely from some of the Ayurvedic herbs. I also noticed some crunchiness even though this bar doesn’t have any form of nuts in it, so the crunch had to have come from the Cacao Nibs and possibly even a little from the Pink Himalayan Salt. I was impressed and somewhat surprised by the intense lack of cannabis flavor in this edible, despite the milligram level, which is always a good sign of a great cannabis baker. Overall I definitely enjoyed the flavor of this bar and appreciated the balance of flavors.



“Snooze Bar”  Snooze Bar

“Snooze Bar encourages sleep and provides stress relief with 200 Mgs THC from Indica-hybrid cold-water hash augmented by Nutmeg, Almonds, Poppy Seeds and 4 Ayurvedic sleep herbs. These ingredients have been recognized by many cultures to support restful sleep and counter the effects of stress. Useful when medicating for PTSD, anxiety, insomnia, ADHD, and generalized depletion.”[xiii]


Ingredients: Coconut: flakes, sugar, flour, coconut oil (medicated with Indica hybrid cold water hash), Agave Syrup, Milk Powder, Pecans, Almonds, Cacao Nibs, Hemp Seeds, Raw CA Honey, White Poppy Seeds (helps with insomnia, digestion, joint pain, and many aliments)[xiv], Water, Vanilla and Almond Extract, Nutmeg, Shanka- Pushpi[xv], Kappikatchu[xvi], Cardamom, Cinnamon, Guar Gum, Psyllium (Natural fiber that reduces inflammation and digestive problems)[xvii]. Garnish: Candied Lemon Peel.

Snooze Bar ingredients.jpg

Results: In addition to my anxiety and chronic pain disorders, I also have a rather severe case of insomnia that usually keeps me up until sunrise most days of the week. I’ve tried everything from herbal teas and assorted over the counter sleep aids like Melatonin, to even prescription sleeping pills. Unfortunately every single method either didn’t work or left me feeling hung over and unable to focus or concentrate for the entire next day. This surprisingly wasn’t the case with HigherVeda’s “Snooze Bar”. I ate the 50mg “Original Dose Minis”[xviii], and proceeded with my nighttime routine. By the time I made it to my bed, approximately 20 minutes later, I could hardly hold my eyes open and was without a doubt ready to fall asleep. Unlike my failed experiences with the previously mentioned sleep aids, I was able to sleep completely through the night without waking up until morning. The best part about this experience was I woke up feeling refreshed and clear headed.


Taste Results:

In my opinion this was a sweeter bar due to the coconut, CA Raw Honey and Agave syrup. It also had a minor chocolate taste coming from the Cacao Nibs that blended with all of the other flavors beautifully. My favorite part was the crunchy nuttiness flavor the “Snooze Bar” had thanks to the Pecans, Almonds, Hemp Seeds, and the White Poppy Seeds. I hadn’t had White Poppy Seeds by themselves before, (at least not that I’m aware of), and they had a sweet crunchy and nutty flavor that I genuinely enjoyed. The Lemon garnish, Nutmeg, Cinnamon, and Cardamom balanced out the sweetness of the other ingredients brilliantly and added a warming and quite comforting experience that helped relax my body enough to fall asleep.



I am particularly thankful for the opportunity to try each of these effective varieties of edibles from HigherVeda Medicinal Treats. I can honestly say each cannabis treat was not only mouth-watering, but they were all highly advantageous and did what they claimed. It was unquestionably a nice variation from the usual cannabis infused treats or edibles sold in the dispensaries that are filled with unknown components and tons of sugar. This company proves that edibles can taste wonderful using natural and organic, wheat free ingredients. So if you medicate, but are often concerned about what exactly you are ingesting, next time try reaching for a deliciously potent, healthy, and enticing cannatreat by HigherVeda Medicinal Treats.



*HigherVeda Medicinal Treats offers three types of bars, which come in full 200mg each bars, “single bites” in 10mg “Low Dose Minis” and 50mg “Original Dose Minis”. Prices range between $3.50-$20 depending on dosage level.



-Make sure to check for drug interactions with any medications you may be taking and these Ayurvedic herbs.


* I have received these products from this sponsor in order to facilitate in my review; No other compensation was or has been received. All opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% my own personal opinions and not those of any sponsor or company!*

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Zeus Sub-Ohm, Temperature Control Tank By ZPAL Review


Zeus Sub-Ohm Tank Review

By: Tiffany B.

Today I will be presenting my review of the new temperature  control sub-ohm “Zeus” tank, created by ZPAL Technology. Founded in 2009, this company creates high-quality revolutionary hardware with the motto of, “great products delivered to customers”. By owning their own production facilities, ZPAL ensures dependable and uniform quality across the board with all of the products they design. Innovative products combined with excellent and reliable customer service makes this company a force to be reckoned with in the vaping industry.

Zeus Side view

Package Contains:

– ZPAL Zeus Tank

– 0.3ohm coil (pre-installed)

– 0.1ohm Ni200 coil

– Protective Silicone Sleeve

– User Manual

Tank Specifications:Zeus Tank Back Image

  • Diameter: 23mm
  • Height: 75mm (With Drip Tip)
  • Weight: 76g
  • Juice Capacity: 5.5ml
  • Material: 304 Stainless Steel
  • Glass Tube: Quartz Glass
  • Connection: 510 Stainless Steel
  • Drip Tip: Wide Bore with Acrylic Liner
  • Airflow: Dual Adjustable Airflow
  • Cotton: Organic
  • Wattage: 10-50watts (0.3ohm)

220F-600F (0.1ohm)

Price: $32

Replacement Coils: $12 (5 pack) – Available in 0.1Ω and 0.3Ω

Tank Features:

Zeus Main ViewThe Zeus tank is loaded with fantastic new features, truly making it a strong contender in the sub-ohm tank market. The innovative design and unique construction make this tank not only strikingly beautiful, but also incredibly functional and easy to use. I have to say my favorite thing about the Zeus tank is the “Anti-Leak Design”, made possible by the top adjustable airflow features. By unscrewing the threaded top cap, you can easily fill and refill the tank in the two large filling holes, all without ever having to remove the tank from your device or having to worry about leaks or spills.

The construction and materials used to create this tank make it extremely durable, and essentially a “drop proof” design. The glass tube is comprised of quartz glass, which is exceptionally strong and can withstand radical temperatures better than any other type of glass. The protective silicone sleeve that comes with the Zeus tank has two functions. First, the silicone sleeve helps to keep the atomizer body cool while in use. This is important because it prevents the tank’s body from becoming too hot in case it ever makes contact with any skin. Secondly, it acts as a customization option or simply gives the tank a little extra personality. The only issue I see with this protective sleeve is that it makes it slightly more difficult to see your juice level, but doesn’t completely hide it.

Another feature that helps to keep this tank from overheating while providing a refreshing and cool vape is the exclusive dual adjustable airflow controls, with four different airflow channels. The Zeus tank has two large airflow controls, (AFC), placed towards the top of the tank, directly above the glass portion of the tank. The location of these airflow controls helps to facilitate a clean, unadulterated flavor, allowing the user to taste only the e-liquid and not any of the materials of the tank or coil. The second set of AFC is located on the bottom of the specially made acrylic lined drip tip. I personally loved the design of the drip tip and the application of the acrylic liner. I have always been a huge fan of wide bore drip tips, and placing the acrylic inside the stainless steel acted as both an anti-splash back and anti-spit back for the e-liquid, as well as helping to prevent the drip tip from becoming too hot after long periods of vaping. After playing around with the various configurations of the airflow controls, I found that having all four air holes open gave too much air to the vape and almost felt like I wasn’t getting any vapor. When I closed the AFC on the drip tip and kept only the airflow open on the top cap, it provided the perfect amount of airflow to the vape. This created the perfect amount of nice cool vapor production, without feeling too airy.

Zeus Tank- ZPAL

Source: ZPAL

I would recommend priming the coil with juice prior to filling the tank with e-liquid and beginning to use this tank. First, remove the preinstalled coil, and chose which coil you are going to be using. Second, take your e-liquid and place a droplet of juice on the exposed holes on the outside of the coil, making sure to saturate each piece of visible cotton. Third, drop a small amount of e-liquid inside the coil through the top opening. Make sure to not overfill the cupped coil with too much e-liquid, only place enough e-liquid inside the coil to saturate the cotton. Finally, after priming the coil with e-liquid you can reinstall the coil by screwing it into the base and attaching the remainder of the tank. Before filling, give the base a hard turn to ensure it is securely attached to the rest of the tank to prevent any leaks. Also, make sure all four AFC’s are closed before filling as well. The manual recommends letting the tank sit for approximately five minutes after filling before vaping, however priming the coil will cut down this wait time to only a couple minutes.

Overall, I was tremendously impressed with the performance and quality of the Zeus tank. After using this tank for a couple weeks and changing the different configurations, airflow options, coils, and experimenting on different mods, I would have to say this tank is definitely worth the money! I was quite impressed with the quality and efficiency of the premade coils that came with the tank. Even after using these coils for a long time, they still had great flavor and produced a ton of billowing vapor clouds. Unlike some of the other sub-ohm or temperature control tanks on the market, the Zeus tank was very easy to use and is perfect for both experienced vapers and those new to the temperature control world.

You can purchase the Zeus tank from ZPAL Technology at: https://sites.google.com/a/zpalvape.com/general/

Make sure to visit their website to see their new products and upcoming releases at: http://www.zpaltech.com/

(Don’t forget to tell them Tiffany B. sent you in the order comments section!)

* Check back soon for more reviews on even more of ZPAL’s new hardware and innovative products!

* I have received this product from this sponsor in order to facilitate in my review; No other compensation was or has been received. All opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% my own personal opinions and not those of any sponsor or company!*

Froot Looperz E-Liquid by Uncle J’s Jooz


Froot Looperz E-liquid by Uncle J’s Jooz

Review By Tiffany B.

Froot Looperz Main Pic

In the years I’ve been a product reviewer I have been extremely fortunate to experience some amazing juices from a wide variety of wonderful companies. Although I have come across numerous delicious e-liquids that remain in my vaping rotation, I think it is safe to say I may have found my absolute favorite e-liquid producer to date…Uncle J’s Jooz! Rather than attempting to review all the e-liquid flavors in one long review, this will be a multiple edition review, (so stay tuned for the remaining flavor reviews). I thought it was only appropriate to begin my Uncle J’s Jooz reviews by featuring my favorite e-liquid in this line, “Froot Looperz”.

Before diving into this review, let me give you a brief Froot Looperzbackground on what makes this company so special. Uncle J’s Jooz is an American made company, based in Omaha, Nebraska, and produces only the highest quality e-liquids currently available. Every e-liquid is carefully handcrafted in a FDA compliant clean room in small batches, bottled the same day you order them, and presteeped to perfection! As Uncle J said himself, “No cut corners, no half shots of flavor and no cheap artificial junk in this flavorful, satisfying, smooth and a decadent game changer”.

The entire line of juices are available in 30ml amber glass bottles,including a glass dripper attached to the cap to make filling your tank or RDA fast and easy. Every bottle comes complete with a beautiful custom designed label that includes the nicotine level, date the juice was made, the lot number, and an inspected by signature. To top it off, each e-liquid is placed in an individual plastic bag before being packaged up for shipping. Currently Uncle J’s Jooz can be purchased in 3mg, 6mg, 8mg, 12mg, or 18mg nicotine levels.

Froot Looperz Back Label

Unle J Bag

Generally when I try new e-liquid companies there are often at least one or two flavors that may not particularly be my cup of tea. In fact, it is actually quite rare to find a company like Uncle J’s Jooz where I loved every single e-liquid I’ve tried! The majority of these e-liquids are a 70 VG/ 30 PG ratio, although a few juices contain slightly higher or lower amounts of VG. This blend is perfect for dripping, but not too thick to vape out of a tank either.

Now let’s talk about this incredible e-liquid, and just what makes it so extraordinary! First of all, if you happen to be a fan of ANML’s “Looper” e-liquid, then you will absolutely fall in love with “Froot Looperz” by Uncle J’s Jooz! The first cereal based e-liquid I had ever tried was actually “Looper”, and I was fairly impressed with the likeness they captured in their e-liquid. However, I did notice a predominant lemon and lime flavor throughout that e-liquid, especially on the inhale. Once I tried “Froot Looperz” I knew I had found something truly special!

This e-liquid smelled amazing! There was no mistaking the scent of lemon, lime, and mixed berries, reminiscent of the treasured “Fruit Loops” cereal I used to eat growing up! After loading my dripper and taking my first vape off this mouthwatering e-liquid, I was amazed by the various fruit flavors that flooded my senses. When I began to inhale, I was able to taste not only lemon and lime, but also blueberry and raspberry flavors as well. Right as I started to exhale, the addition of a sweet milk flavor became present and elevated this e-liquid from being simply a mixed fruit vape to a true “Fruit Loops” flavored e-liquid. This juice had such a realistic flavor profile I felt as though I should be crunching down on crispy, fruity cereal grains floating in a bowl of fresh milk. Unlike the majority of other brands that make cereal-inspired e-liquids or mixed fruit e-juices, “Froot Looperz” did not have one flavor that overpowered the others. As I continued to vape this e-juice I found all of the flavors to be incredibly refreshing. I was pleasantly surprised to discover I was able to identify each distinctly individual flavor, instead of simply a lemon-lime essence or a hint of random mixed berries. The fact that I could taste not only realistic fruit flavors, but also the addition of fresh milk was definitely a game changer in my opinion. This specific e-liquid had a very gentle and slightly warm throat hit, with some of the best smelling vapor I’ve ever smelled in my life!

Froot Looperz” by Uncle J’s Jooz is truly unlike any other e-liquid I have ever experienced before! Although many new companies are releasing cereal-flavored e-liquids, none of them can compare to “Froot Looperz” for one simple reason…flavor layering. With a background as a personal chef, Uncle J understands the importance of layering flavors to give an authentic taste and aroma. This somewhat foreign concept in the vaping industry is exactly what makes Uncle J’s Jooz line taste so incredibly delicious, instead of tasting like a handful of fruits thrown in a blender.

I loved how exceptionally smooth and enjoyable this e-liquid was to vape, making it the perfect ADV for me. The extensive time, effort, and care taken to perfect this juice, and all the juices in the Uncle J’s Jooz line easily becomes apparent with the very first vape. This juice is definitely top-shelf, premium e-liquid for a fantastic price! The only thing I wish this company had is larger sizes of e-liquid to purchase. I loved this juice so much that I actually bought two more bottles just so I wouldn’t run out. So in conclusion, all you Fruit Loops fans, (or anyone craving an amazing cereal flavored e-juice), simply must try “Froot Looperz” by Uncle J’s Jooz!

You can purchase this juice and the rest of the Uncle J Jooz line at: http://www.veilvapor.com/  (Please tell him I sent you!)

* I received this product from this sponsor in order to facilitate my review. All opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% my own honest and personal opinions, not those of any sponsor or company!*

St. Augustine Organic (SAO) Review


St. Augustine Organic (SAO) Review

St. Augustine Organic

St. Augustine Organic, (SAO), is an incredible new line of e-liquids created by Spectrum Vapor, and comprised of the purest organic VG e-liquids. This new line is one of the first and only entirely organic, 100% VG juice lines to feature exceptionally high quality premium e-liquids. Every ingredient used to create these unique and intriguing e-juices must meet strict organic standards, including the origin of nicotine. To ensure the highest grade of nicotine goes into their products, only nicotine extracted from certified organic tobacco from Kentucky farms in the United States is used. Not only are the finest ingredients utilized, every bottle of St. Augustine Organic e-liquid is expertly hand crafted in small batches in St. Augustine, Florida, USA.

Courage: SAO Courage

“We can get pretty stubborn when it comes to finding just the right flavors. This classic Spanish horchata blend of sweet almond milk, spices and cinnamon is just what we were determined to find”

This particular e-liquid was one of the most strongly scented juices that I have come across in a very long time. I was literally able to smell the potent cinnamon notes in this e-liquid long before even opening the bottle. When I first began sampling this e-liquid, I started vaping it at a rather low wattage compared to what I normally do. The reason for doing so was mostly due to the powerful cinnamon elements contained in this e-liquid. The inhale had an intense cinnamon and spice flavor, which honestly reminded me of biting into a piece of “Big Red” gum. At lower wattages, this e-liquid had an incredibly warm and noticeable throat hit, especially on the first initial inhale. In fact, the throat hit was so powerful that it actually caught me off guard and made me start coughing a little, simply due to the concentrated cinnamon flavor. If you happen to be a passionate cinnamon lover, then vaping this e-liquid at lower wattages would probably be ideal for you. Personally I like more of an intricate e-liquid and enjoy being SAO Courage backsideable to experience the variety of flavors contained in each e-liquid. After turning up the wattage, (and once my taste buds became accustomed to the robust cinnamon flavor), I was able to taste some of the other spices included in this unique e-liquid like nutmeg and possibly a hint of ginger. The exhale provided a smooth and creamy rice and almond milk flavor, complete with remnants of vanilla and other various spices that lingered on my tongue. When vaping this e-liquid at slightly higher wattages it allowed the almond milk flavor to really shine through. The cinnamon flavor wasn’t as overwhelming when dripped this way, and the juice’s exotic spices became more apparent as well. This e-juice had great vapor production that filled the surrounding areas with a cinnamon and spice aroma, which lingered in the air for at least a few minutes. Although “Courage” e-liquid is supposed to be a Spanish horchata flavored e-liquid, it in fact reminded me of a combination of a horchata and Chia tea mixed together. I really enjoyed the unique flavor components this e-liquid provided and loved knowing I was vaping the highest quality ingredients possible.

SAO Big CatchBig Catch:

You won’t have to tell tall tales about Big Catch. We loaded this one with creamy blueberries and just a hint of kiwi. So tasty we fell for it hook, line, and sinker.”

I was extremely excited to try the “Big Catch” e-liquid considering I love both blueberries and kiwis, but I have never had them in a single juice together. When I grabbed the bottle to remove the protective plastic seal and cap, I was able to smell a wonderful succulent blueberry smell emitting from the bottle. There was absolutely no doubt what the main flavor components would be after smelling this e-liquid! The comforting scent reminded me of sitting under the stars on a warm summer evening with a bowl of fresh blueberries covered in sweet cream. Everything about the scent of this e-liquid screamed “Summertime” to me, and I seriously couldn’t wait to dive right in and begin vaping this mouthwatering e-liquid! As I took my first vape of this fruity e-liquid, I was able to taste the juicy ripe blueberries that gradually included the addition of sweet cream as the vapor flowed from my mouth to my lungs. The element of sweet cream transformed this e-liquid from being a simple blueberry flavor, to a much more dynamic and addicting vape. When I began to exhale, the blueberries and cream intertwined with a sweet and succulent burst of fresh kiwi. The seamless blending of these SAO Big Catch Backsidemouth-watering fruits created a delectable vape unlike any I’ve ever tried before. The realistic blueberry, kiwi, and cream flavor impressed me so much that I kept taking vape after vape until the bottle was almost completely empty. “Big Catch” was by far one of the fastest 30ml bottles I have gone through! This e-liquid had a much more mellow throat hit than “Courage”, and instead gave an almost cooling feeling while vaping this juice. The vapor production that this e-liquid produced was just as impressive as the amazing flavor, and had an equally enjoyable aroma when exhaled. Although I enjoyed all three of these vastly different e-liquids, “Big Catch” was definitely my favorite e-liquid out of the bunch and it makes a perfect ADV.

SAO Pickem UpPickem Up:

Coming up with the perfect flavor can be a real workout. This perfect combo of cocoa, ladyfingers, and espresso reflects the literal meaning of Tiramisu, a real ‘Pick me up’”.

An interesting characteristic about this specific e-liquid is that I could see actual pieces of coco floating on the top of this e-liquid before shaking the mixture up. This was a fantastic indication that genuine coco was used to create a vital part of a great tasting Tiramisu. Unlike some coco, chocolate, or rich dessert treats from other companies I’ve previously tried, this particular e-liquid was a light golden color rather than a deep brown, as I would have expected. Even capped and sealed the smell of coco and espresso strongly emanated from the bottle. After removing the cap, the appetizing smell of freshly baked Tiramisu wafted through the air and filled the room with a cozy appetizing aroma. The scent alone made me genuinely excited to SAO Pickem Up Backsidevape this e-liquid considering it had one of the most realistic Tiramisu scents I’ve smelled since I had worked at a gourmet bakery. When I began to inhale this e-liquid, I immediately detected the natural coco flavors. As I held the vape in my lungs for a few seconds before exhaling, I was able to taste the soft notes of lightly baked ladyfingers. On the exhale, all the flavors united together with the espresso to give a truly accurate depiction of a real piece of Tiramisu. “Pickem Up” had a terrifically well-balanced throat hit, giving a minor tingling sensation in the back of my throat. The vapor production was beyond impressive and smelled delicious! More than a few times people asked what I was vaping as I blew out a giant Tiramisu vapor cloud, especially because the scent lingered in the room for a few minutes after exhaling. While I found this e-liquid to be a tad bit rich to vape all day, it was perfect as an after dinner treat or with a cup of coffee.

These were the first organic e-liquids that I had the opportunity to try, and I’m ecstatic that it was St. Augustine Organic e-liquids! The purity and complexity in each of these vastly different e-liquids truly becomes apparent upon the very first vape. Considering these e-liquids are 100% VG blends, I expected them to be much thicker than they actually were. Instead of being a thick syrup consistency, these e-liquids were very easy to work with and quickly saturated the wicks when refilling my RDA. St. Augustine Organic is devoted to working hard to provide vapers with the highest quality e-liquids available on the market today. Another great thing about this company is the fact that they offer an almost unheard of 30-day money back guarantee! The label even states, “If you are not completely satisfied with this bottle, contact us to return the unused portion with your original receipt within 30 days of purchase for a full refund”. This company’s 100% organic gourmet e-liquids definitely will bring luxury vaping to an entirely new level of vaping. If these three e-liquids are any indication of what this company has in store for the future, then I must admit I am quite excited to see what they create next!

You can check out the full line of e-liquids from St. Augustine Organic at: http://staugustineorganic.com/

Be sure to browse the other great e-liquids from Spectrum Vapor at: http://spectrumvapor.com/

* I have received these products from this sponsor in order to facilitate in my review; No other compensation was or has been received. All opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% my own personal opinions and not those of any sponsor or company!*

Stella Blues Vapor


Stella Blues Vapor Review

Today I am presenting five delicious e-liquids from one of my favorite companies, Stella Blues Vapors! Thankfully, I’ve been fortunate enough to be a reviewer for this fantastic company for some time now and have the privilege of trying their new e-liquid creations. I can’t even begin to express how thankful I am to have the opportunity to review these premium e-liquids and to share my experiences with my dedicated readers! To learn more about this wonderful company and all the great features they offer, please look at my previous Stella Blues Vapors (SBV) reviews here. Additionally, a new SBV review featuring their newest e-liquids will be posted very soon, (including pictures of the new bottles), so please keep an eye out for that upcoming review!

Peach Bum:

“Dive into this fruity milky whirlwind of intensity! We hath left no peach behind!! Truly an intense peach and cream cobbler vape! An all day vape, if you will!”

As many of my readers may know, I’ve always loved peaches and cream e-liquids; however, “Peach Bum” takes this classic combination to a completely new and delicious level. This particular e-juice actually had several similarities to the peach ring candies I used to love as a kid, and still do! The smell alone took me back to my childhood, opening a fresh bag of those sugar covered gummy peach flavored rings.

The inhale provided a sugary peach taste, which evolved into a creamy cobbler flavor as you began to exhale. As I exhaled this e-liquid, I felt as if I was taking a bite out of my mother’s homemade peach cobbler! The throat hit was considerably mild compared to the rest of the e-liquids in this review pack, yet it still provided quite a pleasurable feeling in the back of my throat as I vaped this juice. The vapor production was extremely satisfying, especially when dripping this e-liquid on a mod with an RDA. I personally would describe “Peach Bum” as a wonderfully fresh and juicy peach e-liquid mixed with the perfect amount of sweet cream, which enhanced the cobbler flavor rather than just straight peaches. I absolutely loved this e-liquid and it was a perfect flavor for an all day vape. I definitely recommend anyone who enjoys peaches or peach cobbler to try this delicious e-liquid…you won’t be disappointed!

Johnny Black:

“This Juice is truly for the flavor connoisseur, with an intense palette!

Johnny Black is a dark and robust blackberry cobbler, with hints of brown sugar, pie crust, sweet blackberries, and a dash of whipped ice cream as a topper!”

I completely fell in love with this juice the moment I took the bottle out of the package. The robust blackberry scent of this unopened e-liquid gave me a strong hint that this was going to be an immensely flavorful e-liquid, and boy was I correct! As I unscrewed the cap on the blue glass bottle, the smell of blackberries, vanilla, and piecrust flooded my senses like a freight train. With just one sniff of “Johnny Black” e-liquid, I became even more excited to begin vaping this juice.

When I took my first puff off this fragrant e-liquid, the first thing I noticed was the blackberry flavor was particularly strong, but incredibly delicious! The inhale provided an intensely fresh blackberry flavor that tasted exactly like I was picking fresh blackberries off the vine. I could easily taste the cobbler essences mixed with the brown sugar and piecrust flavors present on the exhale! The whipped vanilla ice cream gave this fruity vape an amazing complexity that made this juice even better! Surprisingly, this e-liquid had a very strong throat hit, especially when vaped at high wattages using a mod. I was very impressed with the amount of vapor production that filled the room as I exhaled, and it was even more enjoyable because the entire room smelled like a gourmet bakery! I would absolutely recommend this juice to any fruit or bakery lovers!


“Karma E-Liquid gives you a flavorful blast of a creamy caramel candy, a buttery sweet treat! Its rich undertones cascade together with the sweet and creamy overtones to make an incredibly rich vape!”

When I first smelled this e-liquid, it reminded me of those classic butterscotch candies that my grandparents always had in their home. When I filled up my RDA with this e-juice I could smell a potent butterscotch scent, which eventually transformed into a creamy caramel aroma. As I began to take my first vape of the “Karma” e-liquid, I was quite surprised to discover a slight fruity aftertaste that I was unable to identify. It almost tasted as if it had a mild grape or melon undertone added to this sweet combination. The inhale tasted predominately like a butterscotch flavor, with the caramel as more of a secondary flavor. As I exhaled I could taste the marrying of these two sweet flavors, which also happened to smell amazing! The vapor production this e-liquid created was beyond massive and filled the room with a cozy and relaxing scented cloud. The throat hit was average to moderately strong, but in no way overwhelming. Considering this particular e-liquid was exceptionally sweet I was unable to vape large amounts of it without feeling as if I binged on too much candy and sweets. In my opinion this juice is just a tad bit too sweet to vape all day long, however it was delicious as an after dinner dessert vape.


Strawberry Cheesecake:

“Strawberry Cheesecake E-Liquid a smooth creamy cheesecake drizzled with fresh ripe strawberries sure to satisfy the pickiest of cheesecake enthusiast.”

Far too often manufactures add fake strawberry flavorings or cheap strawberry hard candy flavors that taste horrible, and ultimately affect the entire e-liquid. However, Stella Blues Vapors’ “Strawberry Cheesecake” never once tasted like cheap additives or flavorings. Instead, it had a sweet, fresh and juicy strawberry taste, just as I had hoped it would. One of my favorite things about this e-liquid was in fact the realistic strawberry flavoring.  The inhale produced a strong and succulent strawberry flavor that tasted exactly like the description. As I exhaled, I was able to taste the rich and creamy cheesecake flavor, complete with hints of a graham cracker crust. The exhale combined these two appetizing flavors to create a powerhouse of decadence, which was beyond enticing! The throat hit was ideal and never once made my throat feel sore. Vapor production was amazing and smelled even better than I could have imagined. This e-liquid is without a doubt one of my favorites from Stella Blues Vapors and it will definitely be in my vaping rotation.

Rainbow Blasta:

“Rainbow Blasta E-Liquid is a skittles like candy. You can taste all of the colors in the rainbow with an extra blast of flavor.”

When I uncapped this e-liquid I immediately smelled “the colors of the rainbow”, identical to the scent of opening a fresh bag of “Skittles”. Considering this e-liquid was the first “Skittles” flavored e-liquid I have had the opportunity to try, I was particularly excited to experience this e-juice. I’ve always been a fan of this fruity candy, but must admit I gravitate to the red and purple flavor in this colorful bag of candy. I’m not terribly fond of lemon and lime flavors; however I don’t mind the taste when mixed in a handful of other fruity flavors like cherry and grape. As I began to fill my RDA with this candy e-juice, the aroma of lemon and lime “Skittles” filled the air. Despite my hesitation to vape a lemon and lime scented e-liquid I preceded to vape this juice, and let me say I am very pleased that I did! As I took a large inhale of “Rainbow Blasta” I tasted the mixed “Skittles” flavors and felt as though I was eating one of my favorite movie theater treats. In my opinion, the inhale had more of a mixed berry flavor, while the exhale revealed more of a slightly tart lemon and lime flavoring. I believe that this e-liquid tasted as close to vaping a bag of “Skittles” as you can possibly get. The throat hit was pleasant and not terribly strong, yet still provided a tingling feeling in your throat that many vapers seek out in a great e-liquid. When I exhaled, the large vapor clouds this e-liquid produced filled the room and provided a delicious mixed fruit aroma throughout the surrounding areas. Overall I was quite pleased with the entire flavor profile and vaping experience this e-liquid provided. Anyone that enjoys “Skittles” or similar types of candy is sure to enjoy the blast of flavor this e-liquid contains.

As always, Stella Blues Vapors has created five incredibly diverse and unique e-liquid flavors that truly set them apart from the rest of the competition on the market today. This excellent company has 100’s of high quality, delicious, and more than satisfying e-liquids that are sure to please even the most selective vapers. The vast amount of customization options available allows each client to alter these e-liquids to their exact vaping preferences. Out of the numerous vendors and e-liquid companies I’ve tried over the years, I can honestly say Stella Blues Vapors has never disappointed me. With outstanding customer service, premium e-liquids, and a staff that genuinely cares about their clients, you can’t go wrong doing business with Stella Blues Vapors!

Check out Stella Blues Vapors for yourself at: http://stellabluesvapors.com/

* I have received these products from this sponsor in order to facilitate in my review; No other compensation was or has been received. All opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% my own personal opinions and not those of any sponsor or company!*

Generals Juices E-liquid Review


Generals Juices E-liquid Review

Generals Juice Main Pic

Today I’m presenting my review of three fantastic e-liquids from the coveted UK e-juice manufacture, Generals Juices. I was extremely honored to have the chance to review these three e-juices when the opportunity presented itself, especially because I’ve always wanted to experience this company’s products. Although this is a small and independent company, Generals Juices operates similar to many large multimillion dollar companies by continually testing their juice’s ingredients to ensure the highest level of safety in their e-liquids. They even post the test results of each e-liquid tested on their website, allowing you to see exactly what rating each e-liquid received. This is one company that makes sure their customers have access to any and all information related to their products.

In addition to providing customers with safe and high-quality e-liquids, the Generals Juices website is a fun and entertaining site that’s captivating and eye-catching. With fun juice descriptions and amusing back stories that draw you in, it’s incredibly hard to resist becoming completely engrossed in their witty site. Besides the clever flavor descriptions, Generals Juices offers a large variety of nicotine strengths ranging from 0mg-24mg, and sold in sizes 10ml, 30ml, or 60ml. Although the exact PG/VG ratio fluctuates slightly depending on the specific e-liquid flavor, the majority of their e-liquids are 30PG/70VG, yet they do offer the ability to alter the ratio to suit your personal vaping preferences.

It should also be noted that these juices usually require a couple of weeks of steeping time to reach optimal flavor. When I received my samples there was a nice hand-written thank you note written on the back of a Generals Juices flyer that explained the proper steeping time. However, because these samples were shipped from the UK to the USA, I was informed that I could forego the recommended steeping time and vape the juices immediately after receiving them.

Generals Custard:

“This is straight from the General’s private supply. Creamy yumminess in a bottle. Yes – it’s a vanilla custard flavour, but it’s been promoted to the next level by the General and his staff using military grade ingredients and hi-tec fusion bonding techniques. E-liquid never tasted so good!”

(Unlike many custard e-liquids on the market, this e-juice is Diacetyl-free, Diethylene glycol, Acetyl Propionyl, & Acetoin free!)

Generals CustardAs many of you may have gathered by now, I’m an extreme custard fanatic and always willing to try any new custard e-liquid I possibly can. Taking into account that this is my favorite flavor to vape, I have tried my fair share of different varieties of custard e-juices. Although custard e-liquid is a relatively popular flavor in the vape industry, I have never experienced a custard vape quite like “Generals Custard” before. In all honesty, this e-liquid has to be one of my absolute favorite custard vapes I have ever tried!

The moment I removed the cap to this sample of amazing e-liquid I was enveloped in a warm vanilla custard scent that instantly made me want to start vaping this e-liquid. Unlike some e-juices that take a few vapes to discern the exact flavors, “Generals Custard” e-liquid produced outstanding flavor and vapor from the very first vape I took. It had a wonderful buttery sweet vanilla custard flavor that tasted nearly identical to taking a bite out of a custard filled doughnut or pastry. I also noticed it almost had a hint of crème brûlée flavoring mixed in with the rich and very creamy custard, which created a marvelous sweet aftertaste.

In addition to an excellent flavor profile, this e-liquid had some of the best smelling vapor I’ve ever smelled! After each exhale I blew out full clouds of vapor that smelled like a gourmet bakery. Not only was the vapor production quite impressive, but the throat hit was perfectly balanced and provided that satisfying feeling without being overly strong or too powerful for low-level nicotine vapers. I would absolutely recommend this e-liquid to anyone who likes custard, vanilla, or creamy vapes. I majorly fell in love with this e-liquid and will without a doubt continue to keep this delicious juice in stock as my custard ADV!

The Deserter:

“In 2014 Sgt Strawberry Cheesecake was sent away for a crime they didn’t commit. They promptly escaped from the maximum security stockade and made their way to the vaping underground. Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as strawberries of fortune. If you need sweet tasting, delicious strawberry e-juice and if no-one else can help, you can buy them from here. We call them an e-liquid hero – the Government calls them The Deserter.”

Strawberry based vapes are another e-liquid flavor that I have an The Deserterincredibly difficult time resisting. I’m almost always drawn to this fruit flavor because it generally turns out to be my favorite e-liquid combination from most vendors. That being said, when I saw that Generals Juices had a strawberry cheesecake e-liquid I instantly knew I had to try this flavor and see how it compared to my previous strawberry encounters.

Unlike my experience with uncapping the “Generals Custard” e-liquid, I found the “Deserter” e-juice to have a very mild scent upon opening the bottle. I actually recapped the bottle and gave it a couple good shakes before reopening it again. The second time I opened the juice bottle I was able to smell freshly picked strawberries, sweet cream, and a hint of custard smelling flavorings. Although the aroma emitting from this e-liquid was soft and not very potent, it smelled beyond extraordinary and made me even more excited to try this e-liquid. When I took my first vape of “Deserter” I noticed a mellow strawberry flavor that tasted like real vine-grown strawberries and not artificial or candied strawberry extracts. As I continued to vape this complex e-liquid the additional flavors that were previously undetectable began to appear and gave me more of a thick, buttery, strawberry cheesecake taste. The inhale provided a delightful fresh and sweet strawberry flavor, which when combined with the creamy, cheesecake flavors on the exhale created a multilayered e-liquid like I’ve never experienced before.

One thing I noticed about this specific e-liquid compared to the other two juices I received was that it seemed to be a slightly thicker e-liquid. I honestly didn’t think too much about it at first, until I discovered that all three of these juices, (along with the rest of the Generals Juices line, unless specified) has the exact same PG/VG level of 30/70. I found this fact to be fairly interesting considering each e-liquid I tried had a drastically different throat hit and vapor production. For example, this e-liquid had massive vapor clouds after each exhale, even when used on a simple vape pen. However, “Deserter” had one of the lower throat hit strengths out of the group. Despite the amount of vapor or throat hit, I found this e-liquid to be a perfect dessert or after dinner vape when you need something to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Gorilla Warfare:

“This e-juice is a complex blend of tobac, banana, nut and honey flavourings which combine together to bring you a full, flavorsome and satisfying vape. This is a strong flavor and requires a good steep; however, if you are patient, you will be really pleased with the results. We certainly are.”

Gorilla WarfareWhen it comes to banana e-liquids I don’t have nearly the amount of experience that I do with other fruit flavors or bakery concoctions. Now this doesn’t mean I don’t like bananas, in fact I rather enjoy snacking on this particular fruit. However, the few banana based e-liquids that I have tried in the past were far from blowing my socks off and generally left an unusual aftertaste in my mouth long after vaping it. Even after my unsuccessful banana vape encounters I was definitely curious to try the “Gorilla Warfare” e-liquid due to the exceptionally appealing flavor combination.

After removing the cap to this e-juice there was absolutely no doubt that this e-liquid contained banana. It was truly unexpected how potent this one flavor truly was, ultimately overpowering the rest of the aromas in this juice. As I started to vape “Gorilla Warfare” I was pleasantly surprised once again, this time with how lovely the combination of flavors intertwined perfectly and created a banana e-liquid like I’ve never experienced before! Although the banana scent was quite strong, the vape didn’t have an overwhelming banana taste that muted the other flavors. The various ingredients added to this complex e-liquid created a slight brown sugar flavor on the inhale, combined with essences of banana mixed throughout. When I began to exhale I was able to detect hints of a mild sweet-leaf tobacco, honey roasted nuts, and of course remnants of banana.

I noticed this e-liquid had a stronger throat hit than the other two e-juices in this review, most likely due to the tobacco flavoring in this e-liquid. Although the throat hit seemed somewhat strong at first, it did mellow out after a few vapes. I did try this particular juice on both a vape pen and a mod and it provided very satisfying vapor on both devices. Obviously this juice produced more vapor on a mod, but the vapor from a vape pen was more than adequate. Despite the device being used, the vapor clouds from this e-liquid smelled remarkable and kept you intrigued by the aroma after each exhale. “Gorilla Warfare” e-liquid is a great juice for anyone looking to mix things up from their usual e-liquid rotation, especially for those that don’t vape tobacco juices often or anymore. The flavors in this e-liquid compliment each other perfectly and make this e-juice a very versatile e-liquid for any vaper.

Generals Juice Warning Label

After spending some time with each of these e-liquids from Generals Juices, I can confidently say that I am a huge fan of their products and will absolutely be purchasing some of their e-juices very soon. I really loved how each of the e-liquids I tried were completely unique and different from any other brand or flavor that I’ve previously tried in the past, including the custard…which is really saying something considering how saturated the vaping industry has become with custard and cream e-liquids. Unlike some brands that supply 100’s of flavor choices, Generals Juices currently only has nine e-liquid flavors to choose from. Although this may not seem like many juices to pick from, I personally think this is a good thing because they can focus on truly perfecting each flavor, rather than providing a large amount of lower quality e-liquids.

Looking at the labels on the e-liquids alone proves this company wants their clients to have some of the best vaping e-liquid on the market. Many seasoned vapers, (and new vapers as well) have grown accustom to expect specific information on e-liquid bottles. Generals Juices understands this expectation and Generals Juice Born On Dateeven went above and beyond by adding additional information, including the e-liquid’s “Born on Date”. This is something I genuinely hope to see all vendors add to their own labels very soon. Not only does this company have amazing customer service, a wonderful business ethic and overall tremendously helpful staff, they sincerely care about their products and the safety of the juices they are providing!

Visit Generals Juices website and take a look at all nine flavors they currently have to offer at: http://generalsjuices.co.uk/

* I have received these products from this sponsor in order to facilitate in my review; No other compensation was or has been received. All opinions expressed in my reviews are 100% my own personal opinions and not those of any sponsor or company!*